Case study – Conversion insurance saved my home

I was advised by my architect to take out Conversion Insurance with during the initial stages of converting my barn. At the time, I didn’t really understand the importance of structural defects insurance; I thought my building insurance would have any build problems covered. I had no idea that most building insurance policies do not protect against structural problems in the first two years after build completion, as this is deemed the high risk period for such developments.

On my architect’s recommendation, I called and gave them the specifications of the project. They sent out a surveyor to see the site almost immediately and came back to me with a competitive quote within 24-hours. The whole process could not have been simpler.

When I went to my mortgage lender about taking a loan for the project, they asked for a copy of my structural insurance certificate, as it is a legal requirement on conversion developments and I would not have been able to secure my mortgage without it. I was pleased that I already had my certificate from to show them immediately without delay.

I was even more pleased with my Conversion Insurance policy when after only six months my barn conversion began to show signs of structural weakness. The first evidence of the problems came when I noticed a large crack appearing in the wall. At first I didn’t worry about it, as I thought it was simply the building settling, however, when it became worse I called in a chartered surveyor to check it out. After some simple calculations, he concluded that due to bad workmanship on the part of my builder there was too much pressure on the external walls from the overhead beams and roof, which had caused the cracking and could lead to severe structural problems in the future.

When I heard this news, I was devastated as the cost of fixing this issue was going to be prohibitively expensive. I thought I was going to lose my dream home, when I had only moved in a few months earlier.

Then I remembered my conversion insurance policy and I got straight on the telephone to explain the situation. They sent a surveyor the next day to examine the site from a claims perspective and he agreed that the circumstances entitled me to make a claim.

I was relieved that my home would be saved and also extremely impressed by the professional service and advice given to me by the team at I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the company to other individuals or self builders planning a conversion project in the near future.




Raymond Morris

48, Dorchester

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What happens when you find a crack in the wall of your new home?

If you find a crack in the wall of your new home, don’t panic. Although it may look bad aesthetically, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a structural defect in the building. The problem may have occurred as the house settles; this is common in properties that are less than two years old and you will not need to make a claim on your structural defects insurance policy.

However well designed or built, your house is inevitably subject to some movement and cracking; Cracks often appear shortly after construction is complete when the materials used to build your house are still setting. This may be frustrating, especially if you have recently moved into your new property, but generally these cracks can be easily repaired and painted over.

Cracks in walls are rarely signs of Structural Damage Warranty, but you may want to call in your local builder or a chartered surveyor to have a quick look and set your mind at rest. If they think that the cracks are something to worry about and warrant further investigation, then it is time to call your insurer and raise a claim. A professional company such as, your home of structural insurance, will send a member of its team around to assess the crack from a claims point of view.

They can assess the problem more thoroughly to determine what has caused the cracks and if your property has a serious structural defect. They will take some quick and simple steps using a measuring gauge and a series of sketches to ascertain the severity of the problem.

Cracks can occur for many reasons apart from general settling. It could be a quite serious matter of subsidence, which happens, for example, if the foundations have not been properly laid and there is ground movement causing the building to shift. As well as causing cracks this can significantly compromise the stability of the structure and will need urgent attention. In circumstances such as these you are eligible to make a claim on your structural defects insurance. Your comprehensive policy should cover the cost of these repairs, which can be incredibly expensive.

Make sure that you have a 10-year structural insurance policy in place as soon as you build or buy a new house. Your general building insurance does not cover these kind of structural defects, particularly in the first two years as this is deemed a high-risk period for new builds. can provide you with cover that will protect from these types of unforeseen circumstances with your property.

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Get best Insurance ideas for buildings through credible online services

Insurance ideas are always giving more financial security to all sectors. Medical sectors, vehicle sectors are also connected with it. Now all conditions are adopting insurance ideas and there are various fields are now coming to these matters. Now building based views and applications are also using these ideas to give maximum support to all building owners. There are various schemes and ideas are connected with it to give maximum support in all manners. Structural damage insurance is one of them. Minimum guarantee ideas are really functioning in a great manner. Building ideas are really functioning based on the strength and durability. A building is making with perfect years of durability matters.



Most of them are with new ideas and views. Now all builders are starting all building with these kinds of ensuring ideas. Investors are really getting perfect support from builders through these kinds of ideas. General implementations and related views are also connected with it in a great manner. Structural Damage Insurance is helping for getting all financial support to finish issues with building. There are various matters are related to these kinds of ideas. There are various materials are also using for determining the strength and durability of building. For large buildings it is a must one thing and there are high end business investment is happening in all manners. New views of life and applications are related with houses and buildings. All financial support is connected with these kinds of ideas and all of them are with Government ideas also. All legal supports are also with these kinds of ideas.



More builders are now dealing with these kinds of applications. Financial companies are also supporting for these kinds of ideas and they are also providing huge financial support to all customers. Both house based and flat based concepts are also flowing in this manners. Builders long term warranty is also now coming in industry. Various branded builders are working for these kinds of applications. They are applying the best views in all applications. Builders Long Term Warranty ideas are always functioning with new schemes and ideas and all of them really giving maximum offers to all customers. Excellent services and ideas are also functioning with it. New implementations in building ideas are really supporting for these kinds of functions. There are various peoples are functioning for these kinds of methods. Specific ideas are running behind these kinds of ideas.



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Overcome from any unpleasant situation with the help of insurance services

Today, most of the entrepreneurs deal in different industries and one of them is construction domain. In the construction business, at times you may suffer from loss as well as incur the best profit margin. A contractor is entirely responsible for anything and everything that happens in the construction place. However, natural calamities  can occur any time and it can be an accident injury, property collapse or any other incident. There are many insurance companies emerging with an innovative way and reliable insurance packages for residential properties. To over-come from any unpleasant situation you can rely on these service providers. They will help you to recover your all losses and damage. Their services are designed to cater all the needs and requirement of the builders.

Wondering, where you will find such leading service providers, then you have to do a little research on the internet. The internet is the convenient and easiest way to find renowned companies and their credible services. There is an insurance company who also operate their services online and they are the home of structural insurance companies having years of experience in this industry. Hence, the company successfully caters the insurance needs of the builders, contractor and construction trades. The company offers comprehensive policy to cover your all the eventualities and risk of the residential business.

If you are undertaking your self-build project, then consider Self Build Warranty services that will help you to overcome from any unpleasant situations. This service is essential when it comes to building your own project. The insurance policy protects you from fire, theft, accidents and natural damage.

Building Control Insurance not only protect you from accident, theft and fire, but also help to recover and refund your money. They provided  you with different types of insurance including:

1)     Self build

2)     New builds

3)     Mixed use properties

4)     Retrospective cover

5)     Barn conversations

6)     Distressed ( insolvent properties )

7)     Construction types

8)     Conversion Warranty

With the assistance of their service you can recover from all damages and losses. Due to unavailability of insurance services you can face some legal issues including court proceeding costs, lawyer costs and may be you have to pay compensation to the third party. So, for your property safety choose their service and enjoy their benefits.

Why you should rely the service? There are a few major reasons:-

1)     Having years of experience in this industry.

2)     Entire insurance policies designed to cater the insurance needs of the builders, contractor and construction trades.

3)     The service helps you to face any kind of unexpected losses.

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